Machinaka(Street) Stamp Rally

There are many attractive shops in Uji city.

Many shops cooperated with this event and there are limited edition menu and goods.
Lets enjoy it in conjunction with stamp rally.
From the heart, They welcome you coming this city.


June 2nd and 3rd, 2018

Participation fee


Stamp place

At each store, we will provide special hospitality related to the brass band of this day only, and hospitality for the work fan.
Please enjoy at the time of stamp rally.

Stamp Rally Map

The distribution of Stamp rally mount

Uji City Culture Center (The main venue)

For exchange of prizes

Stamp rally prize exchange place

Nakauji yorin 2F yoriai

17-8, Myouraku, Uji-shi, Kyoto

Time when a prize can be exchanged

Until 5p.m. on June 3rd on 2018

Conditions for completion

Get 6 stamps


coming soon...


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